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The Cultural House - Shilparamam

8:03 AM

The very day I landed in the city early morning I went wandering the entire city, end to end. I went to three malls at extreme ends to catch up for a movie while the tickets were fast filling, two food joints and a museum to start off. This was how my journey to the City of Nizam’s started. You got it right I was in Hyderabad. I had got a decent offer from a company here, the reason for my relocation from Bangalore to Hyderabad. Ever since I am in love with the city and I would be completing four years this December ‘14.

Let me confess that it wasn't a cakewalk. Initially I could not connect with the city well. The people, the food and the culture all quite different. With few friends around I spent most of time either at their houses or they at mine. Even they were quite new to the city. Unless one day we decided to Google about the places in and around Hyderabad for scouting. Some known places like Charminar, Salarjung Museum, ChowMahalla Palace, Golconda Fort, Falaknuma Palace and Shilparamam which only a handful like to visit. I decided to start my expedition by unearthing Shilparamam first for two reason. First, it was a place for the creative lovers and I am one and second it was at stone’s throw away distance from where I was staying.

One of the Saturday afternoon I stepped into Shilparamam with my friends. The entrance has a beautiful terracotta gate with two large clay armoured men on horseback. It felt like a whole new world of creativity with vendors all over India selling indigenous handmade products of their respective states. From Bandhini to Pashmina, paper mache to dokra, bidri to metal art, madhubani to pottery, you name it and it is there. The flair of handicraft is mindblowing.

Shilparamam handmade cloth handbags, purses , potli

 Shilparamam handmade cloth handbags, purses , potli

handmade painted bottles

papier mache masks

The rural theme adds to the charm of the place. Little ahead of the shops is the Rural Museum. Museum with man size clay sculptures depicts village life of artisans and peasants of Andhra and Telangana. (Well when I visited it was just Andhra.)

Brass Buddha Idol

Metal Idol

Clay hangings, home  decor

There is an amphitheater inside this haat which regularly hosts cultural shows of dance and music. Special performances are held during festivals showcasing the traditions of India during festivities. Classical dance and music enliven the village atmosphere inside making you more close to the Indian traditions and rich heritage.Fortunately we were able to see a live performance of Khuchipudi dance and listen to Karnatik music that evening.

clay dancing dol

There are devotional dancers costumed like deities which roam about the entire haat which the fell of a true Indian street bazar.  There is a even a bullock cart for ride. The bulls are adorned in vibrant colors. They have blue horns and pink ribbon pony signifying gaudy embellishments used by us Indians.

Finally, to complete my experience of Indian culture, tradition and heritage I had to get a henna tattoo done. I am very fond of applying henna on my palm. As a teenager whenever I had the opportunity I applied it on my and my sister’s palm. As per Indian tradition applying Henna on palm signifies happiness. It forms an important part of all Indian marriages.

papier mache decor

papier mache elephant

Brass, metallic idol

wooden coloured boxes

Clay idol Ganesha

Based on the lines of Delhi Haat it is a pleasant break from your daily hectic life right in the middle of the IT hub here in Hyderabad. It is a must visit for those who loved to get soaked in tradition and culture.

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