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Kerala - In the Venice of the East

2:32 AM

The houseboats in the backwaters of Allepey
Backwaters of Allepey

“Let go the anchor!, Aye Aye Captain!”
The captain of the houseboat we stayed in Allepey
Captain of the Houseboat
The two crew members let the anchor loose and captain ignited the engine with full power to set for sail. It was a partially cloudy midday and the wind was just right for a relaxed sail. We were all set for the backwater cruise.

A houseboat sailing on the backwaters of Allepey, Kerala
Houseboat on sail
We were at Alleppey the land of backwater, canals, lagoons, paddy fields and coconut trees. We drove approximately 140 km from Thekkady to Alleppey after an early morning boat safari at Thekkady. We stepped in the houseboat at around 12 noon. We were given a warm welcome with a traditional drink and fruits. We were hungry and tired as well. The crew said that we had the option of fishing by ourselves and they would cook it in Kerala style. We declined that option as I was a vegetarian and my friends happily settled for all vegetarian lunch.As we planned to spend one night on the houseboat we took a two bedroom and kitchen houseboat. Houseboats come with various options depending on how long you wish to be on it. There are day cruisers also which will take you selected islands and ferry you back to the town by evening but for those who wish to experience being on the backwaters opt houseboats having rooms.

Our Houseboat anchored in the backwaters of Allepey, Kerala
Our luxurious houseboat
The houseboat from Gambit Cruises, Allepey, Kerala
Our Houseboat
We sat on the deck and were completed engulfed by the scenic beauty of the backwaters. Coconut trees and paddy fields run along this criss-cross of six major rivers and canals which forms a part of the National Waterway 3 in Kerala. It is breathtaking view. Brahminy Kites, Kingfishers, Snake Birds, Herons and many more are quite commonly found here as they feed on freshwater aquatic life of backwaters. In between there are smaller islands where villagers live. They can be seen commuting though smaller boats from one island to the other.

Fisherman on the backwaters of Allepey, Kerala
Fisherman on a small boat
Allepey Backwaters, Kerala
Allepey Backwaters

Allepey Backwaters

Brahminy Kite perched on a coconut tree in the backwaters of Allepey
Brahminy Kite
Brahminy Kite perched on a coconut tree in the backwaters of Allepey
Brahminy Kite
A magpie on a tree in the backwaters of Kerala

A Rufuos Treepie perched on a tree in the backwaters of Kerala
Rufous Treepie
A kingfisher on the top of a church in Kerala
I had just begin to capture all this with few clicks when it started raining Oh! it was heaven, truly felt like God’s own country. We enjoyed our lunch at the deck amidst the rains. It was the monsoon season and we knew the rain is going to be our friend here for sometime. We had spent the entire noon with the picturesque beauty of backwaters.

Houseboats on the backwaters of Allepey Backwaters, Kerala
Allepey Backwaters, Kerala

A single houseboat on the backwaters of Allepey, Kerala
Houseboat, Allepey Backwaters, Kerala

Houseboats sail through the backwaters of Allepey
Allepey Backwaters, Kerala

The moonsoon in the backwaters of Allepey, Kerala
Rain Clouds, Allepey Backwaters, Kerala

Late in the evening our houseboat was anchored near the captain’s village. Houseboats do not sail in the night. The captain leaves for his house and the tourists remain in the houseboat near the village shore. There is not much in the night one can do. We decided to retire to bed early as we were to head to Kochi next day.

Sunset in the backwaters of Allepey, Kerala
Sunset, Allepey Backwaters, Kerala
A non-poisonous snake in the backwaters of Allepey, Kerala
Snake in the backwaters of Allepey

We bid adieu to the backwaters with a heavy heart next day. I look forward to visiting Alleppey again and this time I would cruise to Kochi rather than driving by road.

Fishermen rowing in the backwaters of Allepey, Kerala
Fishermen in the backwaters of Allepey, Kerala
Plan a trip to this God’s world, satiate with the local cuisine, rejuvenate yourself with ayurveda and feel the magic of backwaters on cruise.

Heavy rains in the season of monsoon adds another charm to the backwaters of Allepey
Heavy rainfall in the backwaters of Allepey, Kerala

The beauty of Allepey Backwaters during the Monsoons
Allepey Backwaters during the Monsoons

Places to see

  • Small Islands 
  • Travel to Kumarakom in houseboat
  • Travel to Cochin in houseboat
  • Gambit Cruises Houseboat
  • Cosy Houseboat
  • River Escapes
  • Riverine Resort
  • KTDC Tamarind Resort
  • Lake Heaven Island Resort
How to reach
  • Rail - Alleppey Railway Station within the city is well connected with Cochin and Trivandrum
  • Air - Nearest airport is Cochin International Airport which is 75 kms from Alleppey. Cabs are easily available outside the airport for Allppey.
  • Road - Alleppey is accessible by National Highway-47, which goes through Ambalapuzha and Cherthala cities. Alleppey is well connected to other cities such as Kochi, Kottayam, Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore by road.

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  1. Aditi,
    I am so surprised that it has taken me so long to discover your blog! It's beautiful, well written and the pictures are lovely. Oh, and I see that you are a fellow Kerala Lover! Just reading this post makes me want to go back, again. I can close my eyes, and imagine the sounds... the sights... Everything about Kerala beckons, seduces...


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