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Satpura Tiger Reserve, Madhai - The MP Trip Chronicles

8:17 AM

About 210 kms away from Bhopal through the muddy serpentine lane you will open your eyes to an exotic tiger sanctuary named Satpura Tiger Reserve. This unknown jewel of Madhya Pradesh on the banks of Denwa River is a home to wild animals and birds.

The wildlife comprises tiger, leopard, sambar deer, chital deer, nilgai, four-horned and chinkara antelope, Gaur (wild cow), wild boar, packs of wild dog, good sloth bear sightings, fox, porcupine, flying squirrel, mouse deer, and the colourful Indian Giant squirrel. Mugger crocodiles bask in the many coves. There is a huge variety of birds including lots of waterbirds, hornbill and peacocks aplenty.

We reached the reserve by twilight and the lights were fading out gradually. The safari timings were over and the only option was to go for a water safari. To be honest I wasn’t very keen as by first look of the river it looked very calm and composed so I thought I would barely see anything. My friend was persistent on giving it a shot hence we all went with him ignorant about what’s in store. Accompanied by a guide and a boatman we started the ride.

Once we sneaked a little deep into the river towards the forest, what we saw was jaw dropping. We saw huge crocodile tanning itself under the sun. Just a few meters ahead and we released about the rich breeding of crocodiles in the river. There were many like him basking under the sun. Laying stony most of them were indifferent at our presence. But suddenly a smaller crocodile thought of  having us for its food and we nearly missed it’s ferocity by few inches and our heart stopped pounding for few seconds post that. Nonetheless, the guide told us that there hasn’t been any such incident of tourists killed by crocodiles or any wild animal. The guide was well equipped for an unfortunate outcome if there was any. They do not kill the animal but know how to rescue tourists.


The river surrounds the forest’s periphery and so we were lucky to see herds of Deer, Chital and Sambar while navigating through the boat. They stealthily were nearing the river banks for quenching their thirst. I missed having a DSLR so much then. I wish I had bought one before the trip.

Nonetheless, the exhilarating 45 minute boat safari will always remain as one of the best memoirs of my travelogue.

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